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Prince Harry and John Barrowman both do a mutual high five/ass slap combo omg

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I’m writing my essay on cyber-bullying right now

and there was this article that said “anon hate hurts us because when we read it, we don’t hear the attacker’s voice, we hear our own”

and that’s a really good observation.

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don’t u love how movies about the future changed it used to be like 

woa flying cars


woa holograms


woa time travel


and now its just like 






to die in some horrible apocalypse 

says a lot about out cultural state of mind

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As a rule, dragon heartstrings produce wands with the most power, and which are capable of the most flamboyant spells. Dragon wands tend to learn more quickly than other types. While they can change allegiance if won from their original master, they always bond strongly with the current owner.

The dragon wand tends to be easiest to turn to the Dark Arts, though it will not incline that way of its own accord. It is also the most prone of the three cores to accidents, being somewhat temperamental.

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“I know that I’m an adult, but I need a higher level adult.”

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Don’t trust anyone who thinks Bucky and Loki are the same

who the fuck thinks Bucky and Loki are the same

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#can you imagine if we left these 4 guys alone in the top floor of stark tower for like a month #or even just a week #SHIT WOULD GET DONE #we’d probably have interstellar travel in 3 days

i’m not a science expert. i’m not even a science novice. but that’s so interesting that these four would come up with interstellar travel when none of the 4 above are qualified as far as we know? reed richards in the mcu is just listed as a physicist, peter parker could only be linked with engineering + genetics, tony’s engineering, bruce banner is physicist in the 616 but i believe just radiology in the mcu.

know who IS an astrophysicist though?

know who has actually manipulated travel between realms? 

jane foster!

stop leaving jane foster out of science 2k14

WELL SPOTTED, also please leave Darcy up there with them, they’ll forget to eat.

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